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Sooner or later in your life, a time will come when you will have to give a presentation in front of a crowd. Your first time might be in a classroom, in a family event, or in a workplace. No matter where you are presenting your thoughts in words is more difficult than simply speaking.

Speaking is something you are most familiar with because it’s something you’ve been doing since childhood. But giving a presentation is going to take more than that. This is why we are here, to learn what it takes to give a phenomenal presentation.

Learn From The Experienced

Dreams we enjoy during our sleep can be entertaining and joyful or absurd and frightening at times. Although you may not remember what you dream about, it still has some meaning related to your life.

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Like I had a dream a few days ago. In my dream, I am in my school uniform possibly waiting for a ride back home. There’s a road right in front of me and the sky is full of rain clouds.

Suddenly it starts raining and I look around for someplace to hide and enter a nearby shop. But Its ceiling is already leaking rainwater…

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The world was on it’s way to progress without any interruption. Everyone was busy in their everyday life. Everything was just the way it was supposed to be until the pandemic corona virus hit the globe.

More than 3.85 million people around the world were affected by this virus and 270 thousand died. As major countries were developing the cure for this pandemic, they had to implement the policy of isolation and social distancing. As a result places of public gatherings were closed effective immediately especially schools, colleges and universities.

In fact educational institutes were forced to cancel the exams…

Saad Hassan

After working on a blogging website for 3 months, I entered the world of Content Writing to explore my passion of writing.

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